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As a filmmaker you hope to make something inspiring and meaningful; so to have the opportunity to be the archivist of this unique adventure is a dream come true. 

We are really proud of our creation and excited to see this film bring joy to the world. 

We hope you enjoy watching this heart-warming story unfold as much as we have enjoyed making it. 





This is our first documentary, our passion for the subject compelled us to make it. 

Danielle trained as filmmaker and I have years of experience in the analysis and production of film, television and advertising.


We discovered our skill sets are very complimentary and worked side-by-side enjoying the creative process together. 


Completing this documentary is our proudest achievement.


We are Danielle and Lucy, friends for 14 years, co-creators and directors of this documentary and huge fans of Alien On Stage.


Fate and our curiosity took us from London to a community centre in Wimborne, Dorset to witness an amateur stage show of Alien, handmade by bus drivers. We were so convinced by the genius of what we saw we knew that everyone should see it. Somehow our enthusiasm meant their unsuccessful show, seen only by a handful of bemused locals was about to have a West End Debut in the heart of London's famous theatre district. (We couldn’t believe it either!).


Whilst sitting at our kitchen table in our shared house in North London we realised that something unique and brilliant was happening and that someone really should film it. Inspired by the tenacity and can do attitude of the Dorset bus drivers we convinced ourselves that we must document their story and capture what happens when they perform again at The Leicester Square Theatre.

We had so much fun playing with the parallels of a lo-fi Dorset Bus Driver's, comedy adaptation for the small stage compared to slick Hollywood, terrifying horror for the big screen. Through filming we discover that their buses are spaceships, Wilts and Dorset Bus Company is Weyland Yutani Corp and we even find H.R Giger in the bus garage.


We self-funded the filming of the documentary and then raised £10,000 for post production through Kickstarter. We now proudly present Alien on Stage The Documentary, as a celebration of that spark of madness and genius when people come together and commit to creating something purely for the love of it. 


We are very excited to bring this unique documentary to the world, and we hope you will love it as much as we do.


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