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If you’re thinking of doing something truly mental that will probably fail but you just love the idea of it, that’s usually the time people around you say, ‘why bother? Do something you know will work instead, don’t waste your energy’. 

This is why most madcap ideas remain ideas.

​But on rare and magical occasions someone close to you responds to your crazy idea by saying, ‘Yes, I’m in!’ 

​Then that yes spreads into your community. Now you have a crew of people saying ‘Yes let’s do this!’ Then that yes spreads to people who think your crew are brilliant for saying yes to this mental idea in the first place and before you know it a whole theatre of people are on their feet screaming YES!

Comedian Tom Bell came to the Westend show 

this is his review in Chortle

"What's more fun than a Dorset bus company’s amdram Alien?

The single most fun I have ever had in a theatre, by a good, long way, is when I saw a Dorset bus company’s amateur dramatics group perform a live stage version of the movie Alien.


Whatever images that brings to mind, believe me, it was even better.


This might sound like I am choosing something ironic and weird for the sake of it but in a theatrical world fat on overpriced, over hyped, over produced shows, it was a genuine joy to join the sell-out crowd cheering on their stage shy heroes as they battled against wobbly sets, failing accents and microphones left on between scene changes. It was all done with love and gusto and the profits went to charity."

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