When i heard about Alien On Stage I fell in love with the project instantly. A group of bus drivers making a play of Alien is one of those beautiful eccentricities that makes life so wonderful and thanks to Lucy and Danielle it is all documented!

I am so excited to be invited along for the ride. I can't wait to get stuck into the timeline. I'm a self professed nerd who loves watching through footage and logging material meticulously. Being immersed in the world of a story and crafting it into shape gives me great pleasure.

In my six years as an editor I've worked on every type of film from corporate videos to AV art installations. My favourite process by far is documentary.  It is always an honour to be glimpsing into the lives of real people and help share their stories with the world. 

A story as endearing and funny as this one needs to be told!



Alien On Stage is the love of my life.

I’m invested in every aspect of this film from sound recording, art direction to PR, anything that doesn't involve cameras and editing software, I’m on it!

​I’m so lucky to have a friend like Danielle to join me in this madcap adventure! She has the technical know and capability to make this project a reality. We work side-by-side enjoying the creative process together.

Through the filter of this groups adaptation the film Alien has translated onto the small stage in the most magical way.  There are many playful parallels and juxtapositions between the world of the Dorset crew and the world of Alien, giving the documentary many creative layers, at the heart it's a celebration of the endless creativity and community that continues to grow from this classic film. 

This is my first documentary, my passion for the subject compelled me to commit to making it. 

I have many years of experience in research, design, analysis and production of film, television, advertising and print media to prepare me for the task.


I have an MA in Popular and Visual Culture and 17 yrs working as a university lecturer in Art Design and Visual culture and 17 yrs industry experience as a stylist, costume designer, event coordinator, production manger and art director. 

Completing this documentary would be my proudest achievement.



Lucy and I have been friends for 12 years, her drive and enthusiasm is infectious. It's the reason we all got the chance to fall in love with Alien On Stage. 


This documentary is our passion project and we’re really proud and excited to bring it to the world. The whole process has been brilliant and to be able to complete it would be very satisfying. 

I’ve been making promos and short docs for seven years, working on

Alien on Stage is certainly the most

fun I’ve had making a film.