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On May 25th 2019 Alien will be 40 years old! This classic film has certainly stood the test of time. In fact it’s so good it can withstand anything! Even being adapted into a PANTOMIME.

Celebrate the British release of Alien’s 40th anniversary 4K edition by supporting an extraordinary and very British homage to the original film.


ALIEN ON STAGE - THE DOCUMENTARY is the most unexpected and entertaining piece of Alien fan art out there.

This incredible true story involves a small community of Dorset, bus drivers, an unsuspecting village hall, homemade special effects, unshakable dedication, uncontrollable laughter and an unplanned climactic performance in London’s West End!


This bus-driving, amateur dramatic group ditched doing their usual pantomime. Instead, they dedicated a year to lovingly perfecting a detailed and serious stage adaptation of the film Alien. In the process they inadvertently created a new genre of entertainment, Sci-Fi-Panto!


Although their village-hall, show flopped it turned out to be the funniest parody of Alien ever seen! Whilst still adjusting to the idea that their serious show was actually a comedy, the group found out they were suddenly being whisked from Wimborne to perform this accidental masterpiece on a West End stage!


Their stage show is a fantastically unique take on the greatest sci-fi horror film ever made. The bus driving crew are our space heroes. Their bus station is a space station. Dorset is outer-space and where is the Alien?  “IT’S BEHIND YOU!”


If you would like to see all the unseen gory details of this epic adventure then get on board, hold on to a handrail, join us on the socials and SUBSCRIBE below.  We're about to launch the final stage of our mission and we need your help.


Thank you for support 


Lucy and Danielle 


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